My LGBT Journey


It takes a journey to discover who one truly is and to accept who you truly are. Especially if who you are isn't accepted by society's norms.

What has your LGBT journey been like?

Some questions you may have asked:
I can't be gay. What if I am really les?
When can I truly be me?
Can I find the right partner?
How will I get married? Can I have kids?
What will my family and friends think?
My religion doesn't allow it. What do I do?
Should I come out of the closet?
Why can't society be less biased? How can I have people truly accept who I am? These are all common questions that being an LGBT would ask. How did you answer your questions or what are you doing right now to answer your own questions about being an LGBT?

Everybody's journey is unique. Come share about yours in a safe and comfortable space. Hear others' stories and understand yourself better through a series of facilitated questions about your LGBT journey.

Wed Sep 6, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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